Nestled in the rolling hills of Danville, Kentucky, the birthplace of Kentucky, on a 44-acre facility, Wilderness Trail is a family owned Distillery founded in 2012 by Shane Baker and Pat Heist.

Shane, a mechanical engineer and Pat, a PhD microbiologist and biochemist have more than 20 years of industry experience consulting and trouble shooting for distilleries around the world. Their wealth of experience has lead them to produce whiskey championing process that few other distilleries use; Infusion Mashing (cooking each grain in the mashbill at its optimum temperature), Clean Steam (Wilderness Trail is a chemical-free distillery), Sweet Mash (only fresh water, grains and yeast are used in the mashing/cooking process each time) and Low Barrel Entry Proof.

All Wilderness Trail ingredients are 100 percent KY ProudĀ®-sourced ingredients from a local seed farmer.