Wilderness Trail Small Batch Bourbon

Wilderness Trail Small Batch Bottled in Bond has a mash bill of 64 percent corn, 24 percent rye and 12 percent malted barley. The liquor entered the cooper select, toasted and #4 char barrel at 110 proof after coming off the still around 137 proof. Aged in both Rickhouse A at a mid- to upper-floor and in Rickhouse B in the center of the warehouse for 4+ years. Each small batch is made up of no more than 20 barrels. The goal of the Small Batch is to capture the total essence of more complex notes from multiple barrels from distillate of the same fermenter.

Age 4+ Years

Strength: 50% ABV / 100 PROOF

Mash Bill: Corn, Rye, Malted Barley

Bottle Size: 750ml

Distilled: Kentucky, USA

Palate: vanilla, dark fruits, cocoa and butterscotch fill the nose and palate
followed by a thick, smooth finish balanced with clove and anise, smoothed
with char and wood spices.

Product Sheet – Wilderness Trail High Rye Bourbon