MB Roland Straight Malt Whiskey

MB Roland Kentucky Malt Whiskey is a sweet and delicate whiskey, made in the style of a Pre-Prohibition era spirit – uncut, unfiltered and bottled at distillation and barrel proof.

MB Roland Kentucky Malt Whiskey takes this whiskey category in a different direction. Instead of a single malt style, we include white corn and rye to provide a spicier, fuller flavor that lovers of single malt or bourbon can appreciate.

Pot still distilled to 110 proof, entered into the barrels at distillation proof, then after a minimum of 3 years bottled uncut and unfiltered. Each batch is a combination of 5-10 barrels and usually proofs between 105-115 (52.5-57.5). Each bottle is hand labeled and numbered with full transparency on the label. Enjoy neat, over ice or with water.

Age: 3+ Years

Strength: 52.5 – 57.5% ABV / 105 – 115 PROOF

Mash Bill: Malted Barley 63%, 21% Corn, 15% Rye

Bottle Size: 750ml

Distilled: Kentucky, USA

Tasting notes: Full bodied and barrel proof yet contains light notes of freshly cut hay, spices, malt and brown sugar.

Product Sheet – MB Roland Straight Malt